This is my first “petite-post.” And that just means it is a convenient little tidbit of inspiration on a tiny subject. Today I had it. I just couldn’t keep walking up to my front door and being reminded of the feeling that I just wanted winter to be over and spring to arrive. Although my front door was clad with a breath of spring in the form of my wreath jazzed up with a “happy Easter” sign and bow, the pots that flank the front door were still screaming “winter.” It is still too cold here in Pittsburgh to even dare planting pansies outside yet so I had to get a little creative with the pots greeting us each day. I had seen some old bright fake flowers in the basement when I dug out the Easter-decor so I decided to pretend my holiday ever-green and birch pots from Costco…were starting to bloom for spring. I simply cut apart the flowers and tucked them down in the pot and between branches to look like they were just starting to peak out and bloom. I know, a bit of a desperate move on my part to invite spring over here in Pittsburgh but it took me less than 10 minutes and not a penny.